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There are plenty of ways you can successfully prepare for breastfeeding while you are still  pregnant. If you properly prepare and get ready, then you will be setting you and baby up for success! The liquid gold is so important, so making sure you have your body and mind ready is a big deal.

Lots of other mamas suggest breastfeeding baskets, pillows and tanks to purchase in your third trimester, which does help, but where you really want to put your focus is on your health and knowledge. Ensuring you have the proper nutrition before baby arrives and as soon as baby comes will set you up for success. Also educating yourself on all things breastfeeding is going to ensure you have all the necessary information to keep your supply up and KNOW you are doing well. Knowledge is power, even with breastfeeding. Here are 5 things you can do in your third trimester that will ensure you have breastfeeding success with your new little one.


Read everything you can on breastfeeding in general. I actually took a small course, which is super affordable, that completely opened my eyes to knew ways to keep up milk supply, what breast milk is comprised of and more. The information was astonishing, even after already breastfeeding three babies! Whether you take a course or grab some books, by understanding exactly how the body works, what breast milk is, proper latching and more, you will have a much better foundation for breastfeeding.

Second, Nutrition!

You can really start adding in some foods that will encourage breast milk production in your last trimester. That way, you will be accustomed to eating these foods, and you body will be full in the nutrients necessary to produce breast milk. Some of these foods include oatmeal, sweet potatoes, spinach, apples and chickpeas. All of these have the phytonutrients, iron and vitamins to create the breast milk you need right away. In my postpartum program, I talk more about the importance of nutrition and eating nutrient-dense foods to ensure your body has what it needs to heal and make breast milk. This is so important, I suggest focusing on it in your last trimester to start setting yourself up for a great and healthy supply.

Third, Protein Shakes!

I love these as a way to get extra nutrition in. I have a super clean, organic protein powder I like. These shakes are a large part of my program for postpartum healing and nutrition, which is SO IMPORTANT!! If you want to have a fabulous recover, where you can work on your core, eat super healthy for breastfeeding, and lose the baby weight then this program is great for you. The protein shakes offer the extra protein your body will need to heal and repair after birth, as well as make milk. If protein shakes aren’t your thing, add extra protein into your diet leading up to birth. Protein is the building blocks for new cells and repairing, so it is great to have extra!

Fourth, Brewer’s Yeast!

This stuff is in all the lactation recipes I create, as well as others. It really does help boost your supply, and it is super important to have on hand if you need to make some overnight lactation oats or cookies. Most of the recipes call for 1 tsp or so of the brewer’s yeast, so having it ready to go is a good idea.

Fifth, Drink This Magic Tea!

I found this tea to be both super helpful for birth as well as getting my colostrum to come in. It is supposedly very good for strengthening the uterus to help it contract, as well as leveling hormones and promoting milk supply. I drank it for all of my births a couple weeks prior to due date. I would drink maybe two cups a day, and my labors were all very fast. I also had my colostrum come in very quickly. I believe this tea was a big helper for that!

These are 5 things that will set you up for success in your breastfeeding journey once baby arrives. It is so important your body has the right nutrients before and after baby arrives to produce the necessary supply of milk. I’ve been there three times now, and these were 5 things I focused on in the last few weeks of pregnancy to make sure I was ready for breastfeeding.

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