This post probably contains affiliate links, to items I am in love with, and I am confident you will too! For any health advice I give on nutrition and wieghtloss, make sure you check with your doctor, as I am not a health professional. I am just a mama with lots of health and fitness knowledge and experience.

Protein shakes are a great tool for losing weight while breastfeeding. Protein shakes allow new and breastfeeding mamas a quick and easy way to get in a lot of nutrients in at one time. There isn’t any chopping, prepping or cooking, which can make things so much easier with a baby in hand! I don’t know how many times I was wrangling two toddlers, standing and nursing my new baby and throwing some things in the blender quick. You can also drink and go, which I really appreaciated when I had two toddlers that wouldn’t sit still and a newborn baby. 

I thought a great way for new mommies to head into 2020 with some health and fitness goals would be to do a protein shake challenge. It is so simple, and really effective. I have guidelines and recipes in the challenge, so you can eat all your meals within the healthy guidelines for even better success, or just replace one meal or snack with a protein shake. 

In my experience, that added nutrients, especially if you decide to use Milk Dust, will boost your energy, reduce your cravings, and keep your milk supply up. 


If you need help losing the baby weight and keeping up your milk supply, I have a very popular program, The Postpartum Cure, which comes in an app you can download.

I am now offering personalized nutrition coaching for new mommies needing a bit more attention than a general program. I only take limited clients, get more information here!

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