Counting Macros for Breastfeeding


Healing the mommy pooch is a challenge most new mothers feel overwhelmed with. I know after my first, I wondered if the mommy pooch was something I just had to get used to. The deal is, that the mommy pooch is more complicated than just losing weight. Now that I’ve had four babies, I understand what the mommy pooch is, and exactly how to heal the pooch, so you can see your abs again. If you are a new mom wanting to give up on ever seeing your abs again, don’t give up yet! I have learned what works and what doesn’t work. Especially after my 4th baby. Being pregnant during a pandemic, and giving birth at the end of the pandemic with a more significant challenge than in my previous three pregnancies. Still, I figured it out, and I am now 1 year postpartum with my abs back and…

Counting macros for weight loss while breastfeeding can be a very effective way to lose weight, maintain muscle, and completely change your body after baby. I personally do not count macros, and preach a program based on eating clean and learning real hunger and full cues. I believe this is really important for long-term success, BUT a macro plan can provide the structure a new mom needs to stay within her calories, and making the most of those calories. Let’s look at what macro counting is, and how it can be very beneficial for postpartum weight loss while breastfeeding. What is Macro Counting? Counting your macros is a more complex way of counting calories. You start with your daily caloric needs to maintain your weight, then decrease that number to reduce your overall weight. Within that total, let’s say it is 1500 calories, you will eat specific ratios of carbs,…

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