About Us

Katie is a mom of three boys, all close in age, who’s experienced many of the not-so-fun aspects of postpartum recovery. She is also highly educated in physical therapy (worked as a PT aid for 2 years and studied in school), Pilates (completed the BASI instructor course and taught for 1 year), and nutrition. She is an athlete, played soccer, rode horses competitively, and is a runner. Knowing as much about fitness as she does, she didn’t correlate the intense need for healing and restoration after birth. She assumed she would go back to normal being young and fit, but was shocked to experience a need for healing, rehabilitation, and more. 

Katie created The Postpartum Cure to help other mamas navigate through postpartum recovery without having the same sense of shock and confusion she did. She wants mamas to learn to heal their bodies, nourish them, and take time to put things back together before embarking on a fitness journey to lose weight. There is no holistic program like this, that takes you through three phases of postpartum recovery. The first phase is healing and nourishing, the second is building strength, and the third is getting fit and losing the baby weight. Katie has done it three times, all learning so much each time, and putting her knowledge and education to practical use for all postpartum mamas to benefit from.

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