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I’m super excited to put this costume round up together because I will have a newborn baby this Halloween! The concept that I will be trick-or-treating with a tiny one isn’t new to me. My middle one was just over 4 weeks old on Halloween, and my third was 10 days old. I’m I’m lucky, my fourth baby will be just over 2 weeks old. 

I’m already getting excited on costume ideas for myself and the new little one, so I wanted to put together what I think are some of the BEST ideas on Pinterest. 

Princess Peach and Toad (this is a big winner with my boys because they can be Mario, Luigi, Bowser…a big list of characters!)

You can find this onesie on Etsy, and I found the best Toad baby costumes are the ones on Etsy. 

Starbucks Barista and Frappe: 

Here’s another idea on how to make the Starbucks costume idea work too 🙂

Elsa And Olaf: 

Subway Worker and Sub Sandwich:

DIY Baby Bumble Costume (tutorial on A Subtle Revelry):

Outer Space and Astronaut by One Little Momma:

Milk And Cookies on HGTV:

Bee and Flower Costume:

Mom and Kangaroo Pouch Costume by HGTV:

DIY Hot Sauce and Baby Taco by Brit & Co:

Circus Costume (I have no idea who to credit, but I think it is an amazing idea!):

Milk Mom and Cookie Monster: 

Thing One and Thing Two: 

These are the cutest, clever costumes I found on Pinterest for moms and babies. Of course, there are tons out there, and really simple ones you can buy on Amazon too! I will probably end up doing a Mario Kart-themed costume because that is what my boys are really into right now. If you have other fun ideas, let me know! 

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