Congratulations! After a long journey, your labor of love lies in your arms, and you can’t believe that they are finally here. You’re home now and wondering if you can do this. You’re wondering if your life will ever be the same again. You’re thinking that you have to do things perfectly or you will break your baby. Your mind is racing more now than ever because this is new territory for you, especially if you’ve had only boys, only girls, or there is a big age gap between your children. It’s taking everything in you to stay awake and care for this tiny miracle. The exhaustion and sleep deprivation are real and you fight to get a handle on this. You find yourself scouring the interwebs looking for the best of the crème de la crème to aid you in caring for your baby…. But what about you, Mama?…

I’m super excited to put this costume round up together because I will have a newborn baby this Halloween! The concept that I will be trick-or-treating with a tiny one isn’t new to me. My middle one was just over 4 weeks old on Halloween, and my third was 10 days old. I’m I’m lucky, my fourth baby will be just over 2 weeks old. I’m already getting excited on costume ideas for myself and the new little one, so I wanted to put together what I think are some of the BEST ideas on Pinterest. Princess Peach and Toad (this is a big winner with my boys because they can be Mario, Luigi, Bowser…a big list of characters!) You can find this onesie on Etsy, and I found the best Toad baby costumes are the ones on Etsy. Starbucks Barista and Frappe: Here’s another idea on how to make…

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