Holiday Gifts


As a mom of 4, I know a unique baby gift when I see one! With my fourth baby, I felt like I had seen everything, and I really wanted to find some new and unique items! I think every year there are new baby items that are so fun, beautiful, and unique, so here is a great gift list for 2021! Quick Tips For Buying Newborn Gifts: Find things that are helpful to mom too (bonus!) Keepsake items (personalized) are always treasured Gifts that can be nursery decor are great options Find items baby can grow into, so they last longer Always check with the new mom! Don’t be afraid to ask if a gift idea is right for a new baby! Make sure to shop for mom too! Read: The Top 11 Useful Gifts for New + Breastfeeding Mommies 15 Healthy Holiday Desserts That Taste Better Than The Real…

There are some amazing, new items on the market for breastfeeding mamas that seriously change the game. Prices are also staying affordable as new items it the market, so I put together a fabulous gift guide for breastfeeding mamas that is completely budget friendly, yet screams high-end. Think beautiful carriers, wraps, bags and more that will be the perfect gift under the tree for any breastfeeding/new mommy. This is basically my wish list as a breastfeeding mama myself, so I thought I would share it here. Gift #1: A Beautiful Wrap (that’s easy to wrap!) I love the idea of a wrap, but I never want to actually wrap. But I love the look of this one, which is on Amazon, and is less expensive than other brands. It still looks stylish, and it has the ring/sling option too! Gift #2: A t-shirt wrap: These look amazing, and I want…

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