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Most mamas usually experience some sort of acne issues during pregnancy or postpartum. With hormone fluctuations happening all over the place, it is completely expected that your skin will need some time to adjust. During that adjustment period unexpected acne can pop up uninvited. Scroll down to read the most important step I took to clearing up my postpartum acne. This is what I believe really did it! If you want to get straight to the products I used head here! 

Why Do We Get Postpartum Acne?

Postpartum acne is really very similar to the acne that pops up during puberty. Hormonal changes cause different reactions to the bacteria and sebum on our skin. The bacteria doesn’t necessarily change, but our oil production or sebum does, which throws things out of balance, causing irritation. If you are getting cystic acne, where it is very painful and large, red bumps, then your reactions to the hormonal changes are probably more severe. If you experience deeper acne, and have off and on, I recommend this product rather than the one I used. If you are experiencing more white heads, black heads and small acne bumps on your cheeks and chin, that is usually a reaction to the testosterone levels and estrogen levels changing. If you just had your baby, your estrogen is dropping to produce breast milk. This change can cause a new reaction on your skin to bacteria. On the other hand, if you stop breastfeeding and estrogen comes back up, the same thing can happen. This is what happened to me. I stopped breastfeeding, didn’t get pregnant again (like what usually happened), and so the acne came. It just lingered for months, rather than balancing out. I realized my skin was different skin, so it needed different care. I felt like I woke up one day with acne all over my chin and cheeks. Considering this wasn’t where I experienced acne in high school, I knew this was do to the change in my hormones no longer breastfeeding. I was not happy! So, I started making some changes immediately to get my skin back on track like it was before. Here’s exactly what I did:

I Cleaned Up My Diet:

I was eating fairly clean, but because I lost all the baby weight, and was running 5 days a week, I let myself slip into adding extra sugar in my diet. I realized I did this when I started tracking my food intake again. Sugar causes more inflammation then many realize, and it creeps into our diet faster than we think! So, I went back on my 10-day reset (free!) and started cleaning tackling my skin from the inside.  This is actually a 10-day reset for breastfeeding mamas, and because it is so nutrient dense, you can keep your milk supply up, while also shedding some weight in the process! My diet, because it wasn’t too bad to begin with, was a very small step in curing my acne. I believe it was my switch in products that did wonders to my skin, and helped with some aging issues. Being 33, I am already starting to see some grey hairs, so I know my skin has changed, and my products needed to change with it.

I Changed Products:

I decided to change the products I was using. I have always used the cheaper products like Cetaphil lotions and purpose cleansers, which worked really well for me for a while. But after having babies and getting older, I wasn’t getting the same results. I have a good friend in the Mary Kay business. I went to a small party, where I tried the products. I was SUPER skeptical because I’ve worked in Cosmetics at Nordstrom all through college. Everybody always says their skin care is the best, and I was never super impressed with any of the brands I tried (Clinique, Mac, Bare Escentuals, Philosphy etc.). But, I decided to give Mary Kay a try, since I was ready for a change anyways. Literally, 2-3 weeks later, my skin was so much better!! I wish I took more photos, but I was so skeptical I didn’t even bother! I was shocked this stuff worked, and my skin felt better than ever. I seriously couldn’t believe it! 6 weeks later, I was free of acne, and I have waited 5 months to write this post to ensure this product works through monthly cycles. My acne on my cheeks and jaw line disappeared, and hasn’t returned! I am so serious, I couldn’t be happier with a skin care line. Here is what I used, for combination/oil skin, but you may ave just oily skin. If you get oily in your T-zone, but not anywhere else, try the combination/oily. If you have very dry skin, or rarely seem to have any oil, they have the normal/dry line. 

I highly recommend the full Timewise set with the under eye cream. OMG, this stuff brightens and smooths your under eyes. If you struggle with dark circles like me (I have deep set eyes, plus thin skin, which causes shadows and discoloration. Thanks genetics!).  The best eye cream I have ever used. I can’t believe the difference it makes. They eye cream that comes in the package deal is good, but I think this one is even better. If you watch the video above, my eyes are normally dark/red underneath, and they have gotten so much better using this cream.

Now, let me tell you a little secret. 

I wasn’t totally convinced, even after a few months of it working. You know how you talk yourself out of buying things? Well, I decided to stop using it, and try something else just to make sure it worked. I explain this more in the video above too. I stopped using it for 3 weeks and went back to my original skin care plan. Not a good idea. My skin felt dry and oily again, my skin around my eyes was more dry, and I started getting break outs on my chin. My dark circles were slowly reappearing and my skin tone was uneven. Not only had the Mary Kay cured my acne, it also improved my overall skin and aging! I ordered my Mary Kay again right away, and I am already noticing a difference again after just a few weeks.

It is honestly worth a try if you are struggling with acne. I KNOW you will see a difference. Here are some more steps you can take to also help you heal your acne overall.

I Balanced My Hormones:

Basically, when I stopped breastfeeding and my estrogen levels increased again, that’s when my acne really seemed to flare up. The only problem was that it didn’t go away after a couple weeks…it just stayed. It seemed that as soon as I stopped breastfeeding, my hormones were out of balance for a few months, and my skin never totally recovered. Balancing your hormones postpartum is a good idea, whether you are struggling with acne or not. One way to do this is add in some herbs and supplements that will help get those hormones in check. Red Raspberry Leaf has been known to help balance hormones and boost milk supply (read this personal story of using Red Raspberry Leaf Tea!!)! It is such a good herb for both pregnancy and postpartum, I added it to my Milk Dust lactation protein powder. This protein powder boosts milk supply, nourishes your body with very specific nutrients that postpartum mamas need, as well as helping you curb sugar cravings! I highly recommend working on healing your hormones from the inside out, and you can do this with supplements like Red Raspberry Leaf and Milk Dust.

Tumeric is also amazing for balancing hormones and regulating your whole system. I am IN LOVE with this Tumeric blend by Ora Organics for golden milk lattes. I just got a new milk frother, so I’ll have a recipe for an amazing golden milk latte here soon! Of course Tumeric is in Milk Dust as well, which is why it is such an awesome nutritional supplement for postpartum mamas. It really has exactly what you need to heal, boost milk supply, find energy and lose weight!

The Most Important Step I Took To Clear My Acne:

I know my change in products is the most important step I took to clear up my acne. What I realized is that our skin doesn’t stay the same after babies and as we age. I wasn’t responding to my same skin care anymore because my skin was different. Getting into my 30s, having 3 babies, changing climates and overall hormonal changes caused my skin to need different care. I took a big leap in trying a new product line, after experiencing so many products that claimed to be the best, and just weren’t. I know how disappointing it is when you are expecting so much from a a product, and nothing happens. I know how it feels when your skin gets worse from a product promised to make it amazing. It is so frustrating! What I can tell you, is this product line worked for me. My skin and my new issues. Because it worked for me, I want it to work for you! If you aren’t sure what product would work best for your skin, email me!! I will help you find the right products by asking you some detailed questions. That way I can attempt to advise you via email. From there, you can always request a refund if it doesn’t work!

If you do decide to grab the products, let me know! You can get the line cheaper if you sign up as a consultant (no, you don’t have to do the business!), but at the consultant level, you get 50% off the products and the full line I use for LESS! Plus a full starter kit with a bag, make up, cc cream, mascara, brushes, and so, so much more!!


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