Finding your pelvic floor muscles postpartum is not always easy because the mental connection with the brain and the muscles gets weakened after pregnancy and birth. Pregnancy and childbirth cause damage to the muscles and connective tissues in the pelvic floor, which also makes it hard to mentally connect to these muscles.

Finding your pelvic floor muscles again, post child birth, can seem overwhelming if you’ve tried to contract and been unsuccessful. I remember when I laid down to work on my core and pelvic floor, and I felt like I HAD NO IDEA where those muscles went. Almost like I lost control of them all together. The whole situation creeped me out so much, I just decided to come back to it later…too long later.

The first step you can take to find your pelvic floor muscles again is to simply stop the flow of urine.

I personally had a hard time with this, but it worked to connect my mind back to those muscles. I actually couldn’t stop the flow of urine, but I tried. In trying, I was able to at least find those muscles again. I was very uncomfortable with this method because I felt too weak to even do it.

The other method that I preferred was to lay down and practice squeezing from my glutes first, pulling everything in.

From there, I progressed into not using my glutes at all. It is really hard to activate the pelvic floor muscles with out using your glutes to help at first. I wasn’t able to do it, so I slowly transitioned away from using my glutes once I got stronger. This method was more comfortable for me than stopping the flow of urine because I wasn’t stopping any flowing. I felt a bit discouraged with that, so this method worked better to help me get stronger. I have a video, and go over exactly how to do this correctly in my program. It is super important to do your kegels the right way!! I didn’t know this for the longest time.

You may be able to stop the flow of urine right away, and have more luck than I did. I ended up needing physical therapy after my first because I wasn’t able to relax my pelvic floor well, which is just as important as contracting those muscles. The physical therapist used a machine that was on my pelvic floor muscles on the outside, that could detect a contraction, but not a relaxation. Physical therapy is totally awkward, but it is very helpful if you can’t find relief and healing.

I developed The Postpartum Cure for those who may not be able to afford physical therapy, or can heal themselves with the right exercises. I believe in holistic healing through nutrition, corrective exercises and physical fitness for postpartum mamas. I studied physical therapy, worked in physical therapy and saw a physical therapist postpartum. I also was a Pilates instructor, am an extreme nutrition and health enthusiast, and a mom of three. I know about postpartum healing, the body and how to nourish the body. There is no other program like this, that walks you through how to nourish your body for healing, slowly build your pelvic floor and core back, and lose the baby weight with out losing your milk. I give you all the information you need to transform your postpartum body. I also let you know how to know if you need to see a medical doctor. Sometimes there are issues that need professional medical attention. You can learn more about the program and watch my video that goes into more details. 

Keeping both you and your baby healthy while breastfeeding requires a proper meal plan, effort, and guidance. Your step-by-step program to losing weight safely is waiting. 

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