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Keeping both you and your baby healthy while breastfeeding requires a proper meal plan and some guidance. If you would like a step-by-step program to help you lose weight safely, check out all our courses, programs, challenges, & recipe book.

New mommies need lots of gear for breastfeeding, healing, surviving, keeping the baby happy and more. New mommies also don’t need any excess gear and trinkets that aren’t totally useful. This is where picking the right gifts is super important. You want to give them something that will make their lives easier. Simple as that. This gift list is full of gifts that will actually be USEFUL to mama while breastfeeding and caring for a new baby, while also making their lives much easier. A new mommy gift doesn’t get much better than that!

Let’s get into the top 11 gifts for new and breastfeeding mommies:

Soothe Shirt:

These are awesome and so amazing for keeping the baby happy, and your milk supplies up, and much easier than a wrap or carrier for around the house.

Nature Bond Silicone Manual Breast Pump:

This will save your milk, and it works really well because it is a natural-like, manual breast pump. It has been rated as a top manual pump to help mamas save all the milk they can.

Milk Dust Protein Powder:

milk dust protein lactation

This protein powder is specifically made for breastfeeding mamas. It supports a healthy milk supply with a unique lactation herb blend. It is also full of clean nutrients and ingredients that are amazing for healing and postpartum recovery! The bonus is that this protein powder helps with losing the baby’s weight! It curbs sugar cravings and comes with a free 10-detox guide and recipes. It tastes amazing too! Make sure to grab some for that breastfeeding mama, and use code: LACTATION for 10% off!

Caramel Cantina Seamless Nursing Bras: 

These are so worth it! Comfy, and cozy, and every new mama needs more nursing bras. You can sleep in these, and they keep things soft and comfortable.

Portable Diaper Changing Station: 

These ALWAYS come in handy. Diaper changes happen at any time, and need to be done anywhere. These are amazing.

Bath Sling for Sink Baths: 

Sink baths are amazing because babies love them, and it keeps them so happy during the witching hour. These bath slings make great gifts for new mamas. Throw in some soft shampoo and lotion, and you have a full gift set.

The Postpartum Cure: 

This program and app, The Postpartum Cure has been bought as a gift a lot for new mommies as a resource and program to help them heal and lose the baby weight. It is a full breastfeeding diet and meal plan with a grocery list, recipes, workouts, Diastasis Recti healing, and more!

Milk Dust Lactation Bars:

These are amazing lactation bars that taste like cake!! They are full of nutrients and protein and low in sugar. The milk-boosting blend used in the Milk Dust protein powder is in these bars, so they will boost that milk supply, as well as give breastfeeding mamas something delicious and sweet to snack on anywhere.

Momsense Breast Milk Monitor: 

This nifty creation actually monitors how much breast milk your baby is swallowing, and lets you listen to their swallows.

There you have an awesome gift list for all the new and breastfeeding mommies in your life!

If you haven’t yet, check out all our courses, programs, challenges, & recipe book!

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