This Pilates and cardio workout is unique, specifically for postpartum mamas because it focuses on protecting the pelvic floor and core by first engaging and pulling in those muscles, then moves into cardio to help burn that extra baby weight off. This is my favorite form of workout because Pilates keeps you lean. You are maintaining the strength you have by doing body-weight exercises, while burning massive calories through aerobic exercise.

First, you want to take yourself through a Pilates warm up, which is engaging the pelvic floor and pulling in your core, BEFORE you start working out. This is SO IMPORTANT!! Healing your body, prior to working out and losing the baby weight is essential to any postpartum plan. I have a very unique, specialized postpartum healing plan that walks you through how to nourish your body properly after birth, so your body can normalize hormones, produce a healthy milk supply and let go of the fat accumulated during pregnancy. Nutrients and the right foods are KEY to this process! Then, I take you into how to properly do pelvic floor exercises and kegels (I had to do physical therapy after my first and learned SO MUCH!), where we go into a beginner Pilates routine you can do very soon after birth, followed by workouts to lose the baby weight and start getting you fit. THIS IS WHAT I WISH I READ WITH MY FIRST BABY!!! Take my word for it, all of this knowledge is so helpful, and packaged together in a wonderful little program that will get you started on the right path to recovery after baby.

Let’s get into a workout specifically designed to protect your core and pelvic floor, while burning some awesome calories to shed that baby weight.

Pilates + Cardio Workout For Core Protection and Losing the Baby Weight:

10 Kegels and Pelvic Tilts:

Begin your pelvic tilts by first engaging and squeezing your pelvic floor. As you squeeze pull that engagement into your lower abs, hold and pull your pelvis up, towards the ceiling, making it tilt. This is all on an exhale. Inhale as you relax back to a neutral position.

10- 15 Bridges:

Move into bridge by starting each bridge with a kegel, then move into a pelvic tilt but bridge up instead of only tilting. This will engage your butt and hips too.


20 Clams Each Side:

These are pretty self explanatory, and you want to do them to engage your glutes and muscles surrounding your pelvic floor before you start a serious workout! Pull your abs in every time you squeeze. These moves are small, yet work really well.

10 Backwards Burpees:

After your pelvic floor engagement, bridges and clams, we can get into cardio. Start with these backwards burpees!

25 Squats:

To keep your heart rate up, but catch a break from the burpees, do 25 squats.


15 Each Leg Lunge Jumps Alternating:

Feel the burn and your heart beating after these!

High Knees 2 Minutes:

Then, go right into high knees for 2 minutes straight.

Back to Kegels, Pelvic Tilts, Bridges:

I want all three movements together. First engage your pelvic floor, pull that engagement into your abs, the tilt and bridge up. By stopping to do these again, we make sure you aren’t losing your core as you get tired from the cardio.

Toe Taps Alternating 20 Each Side (hold your lower abs in!):

These are great for pulling the abs in and stabalizing your pelvis. If you feel any pain in your pelvis area, wait and do these farther down the postpartum road. I talk more about this in my program, but you may need more time to heal.

Side Leg Lifts 20 Each Side (10 straight out, 10 over your knee):

Roll to your side and stabilize with your bottom leg knee bent. Lift your top leg straight up for 10 reps, then straight out over your knee for 10 reps. Do both sides.

Repeat the whole workout 3 times. That will give you an AWESOME cardio, pelvic floor and core workout, that is amazing for postpartum mamas. AND, I have a lot more of these specialized workouts in my program, so I highly encourage you to check it out.

In my years of helping mamas lose weight while breastfeeding, there was a protein powder missing that was specifically designed for breastfeeding mamas to combat these sugar cravings and fully nourish mamas. I am a firm believer in nutrition for milk supply, so I created Milk DustMilk Dust is literally your best friend for lactation and weight loss. It has a milk-boosting herb blend, plenty of protein, sugar-craving-busting herbs like Tumeric, Cinnamon Bark Root and minerals like Chromium which have all been used to balance blood sugar. In addition to all these fabulous items. I hand-picked specific vitamins like Folate (L-Methylfolate) because folate is still important during lactation! Almost just as important as in pregnancy. I also hand-picked vitamin B12 for energy, and super foods like Chlorella, Spirulina, Spinach, Blueberries and more. The protein powder is free of soy, gluten, dairy and corn. It is NON-GMO, Vegan and plant-based!! I highly recommend you check it out if you are craving sugar. It is only sweetened with Stevia, Monk Fruit and Organic Cane Juice, which means there is very little sugar, but it is very sweet, so you still get to drink something like a milkshake! THE PRESALE IS LIVE AND IT SELLS OUT FAST!

There is no other clean, super nutrient-dense protein powders that are specifically made for postpartum healing, nourishment, lactation and weight loss. There are thousands of mamas waiting for this to launch, and I am so excited to finally have a product that helps mamas nourish themselves while also losing weight.

Keeping both you and your baby healthy while breastfeeding requires a proper meal plan, effort, and guidance. Your step-by-step program to losing weight safely is waiting. 

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