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Keeping both you and your baby healthy while breastfeeding requires a proper meal plan and some guidance. If you would like a step-by-step program to help you lose weight safely, check out all our courses, programs, challenges, & recipe book.

I have a great list of resources to help you with breastfeeding and milk supply. I’ve breastfed three babies successfully for over a year, so I’ve learned what resources are helpful and which aren’t. Some resources are educational, and some are items that are just plain lifesavers. If you are scared to breastfeed or worried you won’t have enough milk, start with these resources, and you will feel prepared and much less worried!

My Favorite Educational Resource: Milkology

I WISH, WISH I had this with my first pregnancy. I would have been much more prepared and knowledgeable on all things breastfeeding. I didn’t even know what breast milk comprised or the importance of breastfeeding. I always felt a bit guilty because of how much I breastfed my babies…literally whenever they wanted. Other moms would as me about my schedule, and well-meaning older moms would wonder why my babies needed to eat again. I never had an answer or felt very confident until I went through this handy and affordable course. It is all video, so log in and play the videos while doing other things. That makes it easy and simple to get through while you have other little ones or are lying in bed at night. There is so much more covered in this course, and if you look at the curriculum, you can get a gist of it all to see if there are things you want to learn or know more about like I did.

My Favorite Blog Post For Milk Supply Before Baby: Boost Your Milk Before Baby

I wrote this on my lifestyle blog a couple of years ago, and all the information is super helpful. I learned some ways to get my milk to come in strong and fast so that I can start before my baby arrives. This is a great, free resource of information that I highly recommend reading as you get closer to your due date. I also have some other super helpful posts on milk supply in general.

Exactly What To Do If Your Milk Supply Drops To Pump It Back Up Fast

The 5 Best Foods To Lose The Baby Weight and Pump Up Your Milk Supply

Facebook Group for Support: The Leaky Boob

This is a fun, supportive Facebook group to help you stay motivated, ask questions, find answers and share struggles. They call it a breastfeeding pub, and it has a super fun atmosphere to keep things light-hearted.

Breastfeeding Medical Advice: Dr. Sears

There is a TON of great medical information on breastfeeding on Dr. Sears website, which I highly suggest pinning and saving! I appreciate tips and advice from a medical professional, and Dr. Sears is an expert in breastfeeding.

Online Lactation Consultants: TinyHood

Here, you can chat online with a lactation consultant concerning all things milk supply, pain, latching or other issues. It also comes in an app, which makes using the chat system much easier! This is something to consider if you are struggling with breastfeeding after a couple of weeks. If you give birth in the hospital, they usually have a lactation consultant visit the hospital to ensure you are doing well. Sometimes things change after you get home, and you need additional help!

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These resources will be super helpful and worth Pinning for later! Make sure you do, so you can come back and remember where to find some great advice, tips and tricks!

If you haven’t yet, check out all our courses, programs, challenges, & recipe book!

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