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Keeping both you and your baby healthy while breastfeeding requires a proper meal plan and some guidance. If you would like a step-by-step program to help you lose weight safely, check out all our courses, programs, challenges, & recipe book.

The postpartum recovery period is a delicate time when mama and baby must be properly nourished. Time for healing is so important, and thanks to Mother Nature, some very powerful foods can give your body the nutrients it needs to put itself back together.  I don’t have these in a particular order because they each offer different healing compounds. If you want the list of the 20 most healing foods for postpartum mamas, check out my program. I dive into everything postpartum healing, show you the RIGHT way to strengthen your pelvic floor (I learned I was not doing Kegels correctly in physical therapy!), how to work out to increase your strength, what to eat, and more. I needed this after my first and second babies, so I made it for you. See my video and more details here.

The 5 Most Powerful Foods for Postpartum Recovery:

1. Organic Protein

Protein is ESSENTIAL to helping your body heal postpartum because it will help you rebuild new cells and collagen. This will repair the tears or incisions, depending on what type of birth you have. Vitamedica states, “Collagen, the most abundant protein in the body, plays an important role in knitting tissue back together. Typical protein intake is around 0.8 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight. But, after surgery, the demands for protein are much higher, especially if you have incisions to repair.” I, in particular, don’t totally love meat. I will eat chicken and fish, but sometimes that isn’t realistic with a new baby, so I highly suggest this completely organic protein powder to make super-healing protein shakes. These are shakes full of nutrients to help you get in raw, green veggies and completely nourish your body. Especially considering the next food is raw kale. And yes, this is totally safe for breastfeeding. Of course, I am not a doctor, so you can ask your doctor if you’d like to look at their AMAZING ingredients with no fillers, chemicals, or artificial sweeteners. Here’s a video I made if you want more details. My favourite aspect is the additional digestive enzymes to help you digest the protein and absorb the nutrients!

2. Kale:

Why does kale have to be so difficult to eat raw? Well, at least for me, it is. I LOVE to blend kale or its sibling spinach in a protein smoothie. I can’t even taste it, and I get the complete amino acid profile for collagen and healing and lots of other nutrients, all in one quick and delicious shake. Kale is great for anti-inflammation. This helps your decrease the inflammation that is happening post-trauma (birth). It is also high in Vitamin C, a water-soluble vitamin that provides powerful antioxidant or disease-fighting benefits. Vitamin C also helps protect your cells from toxic substances known as free radicals and is necessary for wound healing, according to the Office of Dietary Supplements.  Just whip it up in a healing smoothie, and you’ll be good to go!

3. Oatmeal:

Oatmeal is a wonderful whole grain and a healthy source of glucose. A healing overnight oats recipe with berries and almonds is wonderful for postpartum mamas. Try this one! According to Livestrong, “Carbohydrates provide glucose — your body’s primary energy source. Complex carbohydrates, such as whole grains, also provide rich amounts of nutrients, which support your body’s immune system, and fiber, which can help prevent or alleviate constipation while recovering from surgery. ” Healing from surgery is very similar to birth because of the incisions, tears, and stitches. Plus, the pain meds (if you take them), trauma, lack of sleep…you know the drill.

4. Probiotics:

Healthy bacteria found in fermented foods or supplements are so powerful in healing. Vitamedica states, “Beneficial bacteria help digest your food and manufacture vitamins plus play a key role in immune system function.” I personally throw a scoop of these probiotics in my shake because it gives me the probiotics and prebiotics, and more than yogurt or kefir can. You can eat yogurt, kefir, sour krout, or drink kambucha. All of these have beneficial bacteria you can repopulate your digestive tract to ensure your immune system has power and you can absorb the nutrients.

5. Sweet Potatoes:

I LOVE sweet potatoes!! And they are a wonderful source of beta carotene, which the body converts to Vitamin A. Vitamin is responsible for soft tissue repair and skin. This is ideal for postpartum tissue repair and recovery!! Sweet potatoes are also not starchy like regular potatoes because they have a higher fiber content. This will help you nourish your body, not overload it with carbs it doesn’t need.

There you have your five most powerful foods for postpartum recovery. These are all healthy, and in my program, I talk about how nourishing your body is the highest priority. I also give you healing recipes to give your body the necessary nutrients. When you nourish properly, your body feels safe to let go of fat cells, which will set you on a path to recovery and lose the baby weight effortlessly. With the right foods and supplements, you can keep up your milk supply and let go of the baby’s weight.

If you haven’t yet, check out all our courses, programs, challenges, & recipe book!

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