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After breastfeeding four babies, I discovered the best lactation supplement on the market, and it is the only supplement I drink for milk supply. Since drinking this lactation supplement, my milk supply has come in faster (way faster, read this!), and I’ve had so much milk for my fourth baby.

Let me tell you, this lactation supplement isn’t just a supplement, but an overall nutritional boost that will nourish your body, help you lose weight, and it tastes amazing! If you’ve been following me on Instagram or reading my blog for a while, you probably already know the drink I’ve been drinking to keep my milk supply up, as I am just 2 weeks postpartum now.

And yes, this lactation drink helped me drop 12lbs in 10 days, and even more now that I am 14 days postpartum.

Let’s get into the fun details of why this lactation drink is the best and only lactation supplement I’m using as I breastfeed my 4th baby.

The lactation herb + nutrient blend is highly unique and effective:

Lactation herbs have been used for years to increase milk supply. There actually isn’t a lot of clinical research or studies on specific herbs and milk supply, but there are many anecdotal studies. The only study that seems to be the most reliable on specific herbs increasing milk supply is one that focuses on a combination of herbs together.

It was found that fenugreek in combination with other herbs like red raspberry leaf helped new moms produce more breast milk.

My lactation drink combines the best herbs with the highest number of studies to help many moms produce more milk. The herbs include:

  • Fenugreek
  • Fennel Seed
  • Milk Thistle
  • Red Raspberry Leaf
  • Brewer’s Yeast

Fenugreek can be considered the most controversial lactation herb, but there is a very, very small percentage of moms that may experience an adverse reaction to fenugreek, and that study was done in HIGH DOSES of only fenugreek. This herb combination helps reduce any adverse reactions because it utilizes small amounts of each herb, so one isn’t overpowering the others.

There are sample packs available too, so if you are concerned about whether it will work, you can get a sample pack and try it first!

In addition to the herbs, the nutrients are hand-picked to promote milk supply, energy and postpartum health:

There are very few lactation supplements that offer nutritional support in addition to herbal support. Many times, the hormonal function is a part of milk supply issues. The hormonal function is often negatively affected by nutrient deficiencies found in postpartum mamas.

Because this supplement comes in a powder form, with nutrients that are chelated or methylated (like L-methyl folate rather than folic acid), the nutrients are easier absorbed. Pills and even gummies can still be difficult to absorb because they are in an unnatural form. This drink is meant to be mixed with water or blended as a lactation smoothie with fruits and veggies, which helps your body digest the added nutrients from the powder.

The specific added nutrients include vitamin B12, Folate, Chromium and PROTEIN! You can technically call this supplement a protein powder as well because it has 16 grams of protein per serving! Protein is an essential nutrient postpartum, and I talk in-depth about that in this post. 

Because of the added nutritional support, along with vitamin support from superfoods like Chia seed protein, Brown rice protein, spinach, spirulina, chlorella and Turmeric really make this a superior lactation supplement for new mommies. You can view all the nutritional ingredients on the website. 

Since I’ve been a mom, and my oldest is now 7 years old, I’ve used various lactation supplements, and this is by far the best one I’ve ever taken.

Why I created this lactation supplement, Milk Dust for breastfeeding mamas

I created this lactation supplement just over a year ago because I needed it with my third baby. and I knew other mamas needed it too. Before I created a protein powder that is also a lactation supplement, I was using the cleanest protein powders I could find. There was nothing on the market that acted as a nutritional supplement, protein powder and lactation booster.

There was also a big problem affecting breastfeeding mothers that no product helped with or addressed…

Because my work is about helping breastfeeding mamas properly nourish their bodies, so they can lose weight and keep their milk supply, I continued to find breastfeeding mamas struggling with one big issue – sugar cravings.

I repeatedly got complaints about intense sugar cravings that derailed all the healthy eating these mamas were trying to do. So, I wanted something that would help these mamas control their sugar cravings and lose weight, while also supporting their milk supply. 

And that is exactly what I created. Milk Dust is a superior lactation supplement that is also a protein powder and nutritional supplement with hand-picked nutrients to stop sugar cravings and help with weight loss.

Milk Dust has lots of reviews on Instagram and the site, where you can read how many mamas are losing weight and INCREASING their milk supply. And yes, it is possible! With the support of Milk Dust (and we now have delicious bars too!), you can increase your supply.

I would love for you to try a sample pack of Milk Dust. You can see if you like the taste and if it really works for you. You can use code: LACTATION on your first order for 10% off. 

If you haven’t yet, check out all our courses, programs, challenges, & recipe book!

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