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Losing the baby weight while breastfeeding is almost as hard as birthing a baby. In fact, it might be even harder to do so because of how long it can take to lose the baby weight while breastfeeding a new baby. Seriously, sometimes the short and fast pain is easier than endurance. As the creator of a very popular weight loss and recovery program for breastfeeding mamas, I get to hear the struggles of various mamas trying to just get on track and lose that stubborn baby weight.

One of the biggest hurdles in losing the baby weight while breastfeeding is just starting somewhere!

After asking hundreds of mamas how I can further help them in my program, this was the number one issue. Not the program itself, but just getting started! That’s why I added an in-depth 5-day jump start for my program specifically, which I will soon turn into a 10-day jump start program. If you are struggling to just start eating healthy or working out, I also put together a free 5-day jump start plan that is a bit simpler than the plan I have in my program, so it will give you an idea of how to start losing the baby weight while breastfeeding, and I hope it will motivate you! 

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I am a huge fan of baby steps because baby steps add up fast. You only have to think about one day at a time in this 5-day jump start program, but each day adds up to almost a week! What is wonderful about starting with a simplified program is that you can see if you are really ready to make some changes.

Changing your habits, while also caring for a new baby is HARD. Like super hard. Changing habits for single adults with no children is hard. Add a new baby, recovering from birth and no sleep on to that and it is a recipe for failure. Losing the baby weight while breastfeeding does require changing your habits. There is no way around that. 

But, if you think you are ready to make some tiny changes, then this 5-day jump start is for you. That’s why I LOVE programs like this because it focuses on one, tiny change each day. These little successes add up to big successes, and it mentally motivates you to keep going. Mental motivation is a major aspect to any weight loss and fitness program. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve set out for a run, and I can’t shake my to-do list from my mind. I want to just hurry and get back. If your mental state isn’t positive and ready for change, it makes it super hard!

So, what you can look forward to in this 5-day jump start program for losing the baby weight while breastfeeding are 5 tiny steps to add up to bigger changes.

I will guide you through using healthy food to help fill you up and detour you from unhealthier choices. I will also walk you through adding in fitness, creating recipes and more! It is AMAZING what you can accomplish in 5 days. We will also take a look at what you are eating. This is the hardest part. To make yourself realize everything that goes into your mouth. Not fun, but life-changing!

Two things to keep in mind that HELP TREMENDOUSLY when trying to lose the baby weight while breastfeeding:

I want you to keep a few things in mind, as you embark on this journey. First, I want you to have patience with yourself because there are a lot more factors that can throw you off track now that you are a new mama. Whether this is your first or fourth baby, it doesn’t matter. You have a new little life to care for, and that baby could care less how much you slept, whether you got a workout in or if you ate anything all day! What I don’t want you to do is get depressed if things don’t go as you had planned. This happens so much as a mom! What I want you to practice is adapting to change in positive ways.

Learning to adapt to change in positive ways will help you get through the 5-day jump start successfully, as well as continue on. Let’s say your plan is to walk 40 minutes that day. Your only option is to wear the baby or put the baby in the stroller. You set out to take the baby for a walk and for whatever reason, they are boycotting the stroller. Rather than give up, I want you to go back home and try wearing the baby. If that doesn’t work, fix your baby first. Get baby happy again, then think about how you can accomplish your goal. Only focus on how you are going to accomplish the goal, not the fact that your first attempt didn’t work. I hope that makes sense because where you set your mind is where you will go. If you set your mind on walking, you will walk! Even if you have to march in place while baby sleeps or walk circles in your kitchen. Make it happen. Learning to have some grit and determination is a wonderful skill, and as a mama, we definitely have it in us for our kids. Now use some on yourself! 

Second, I want you to find something that alleviates boredom and anxiety. Being stuck at home causes some empty space where we can find ourselves munching anxiety or boredom away. Think of productive things to do during this time, find a book to read, rest, call a friend…choose something in this time. It happens in those moments when the baby fell asleep and you’re exhausted. Or, all the kids are playing, the baby is watching and you are left with some empty space. Be conscious of these moments, and now that I am mentioning them, you will notice them more often!

Keep these two points in the back of your mind as you jump start your weight loss journey and GET EXCITED!!

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