This postpartum weight loss app is amazing because it isn’t just a weight loss app by any means. It is a full nourishing and recovery plan for postpartum mamas to lose the baby weight while breastfeeding, while keeping up a full milk supply. I am in love with this postpartum weight loss app because I created it as a postpartum mama with my third baby.

I lived and breathed both the hardships of recovering postpartum without a plan, and the benefits of recovering and losing the weight much faster with a plan. In fact, as I’ve talked about on my other blog, I lost the baby weight by six weeks after my third baby! That being said, nothing like my postpartum weight loss app existed prior to now, so I wasn’t able to follow a plan for my first two babies, nor did I even realize the importance of it! I was pregnant with my second barely a year postpartum with my first, so that didn’t leave much time for recovery. I also was in fairly good shape, and didn’t realize the need to help your body recover after birth!

I ended up with Diastasis Recti and an umbilical hernia with my second pregnancy because I never took the time to strengthen my abs and pelvic floor. I even have a new program coming out designed to help pregnant mamas protect their core and stay fit during pregnancy because I NEEDED this! I believe I could’ve prevented my umbilical hernia if I had worked harder to keep my abs engaged and strengthened.

I am so passionate about this postpartum weight loss app that I became a Pre/Post Natal Exercise Specialist. I wanted to make sure I KNEW EVERYTHING to help mamas like me. Many of the mamas who have currently enrolled in the program have had a few babies, and are realizing the importance of recovery, diet and healing.

This postpartum weight loss app has recipes, meal plans, grocery lists, a 3-week Ab Rehab and Pelvic Floor Restore program and workouts to get you in shape. I go over a TON on your core, posture, holding your baby and more. I put everything into an app to make it easy to navigate and follow!

Let me tell you a bit more about my postpartum journey after my first baby. I ended up with scar tissue from wear I tore, which brought me to a pelvic floor therapists. The doctors believed my issues were in my mind, and due to anxiety, but after I assured them it wasn’t, they let me see a specialist. She confirmed that there was a large amount of scar tissue causing pain. She also checked my pelvic floor muscles, and it turned out I was engaging with strength, but not relaxing. Both are super important in recovery, which I go over in-depth in the program, and tell you how to practice engaging and relaxing. Oh if I would’ve done this!

I developed the app as a part of my program, which you can see more details here. If you purchase the program, I give you the details to the app on either the app store or Google play. The apps are included in the price of the program. The reason I prefer you go through the program is because i can keep up with you easier via email if I need to send out information and updates! You also have access to my email if you have questions. With the app stores, it is a bit more difficult! But, if you want to just buy from the app store or Google Play, shoot me an email at, and I’ll get you a link to grab it.

Either way, I’ve been so excited with the positive feed back for this program and postpartum weight loss app. If you check out the program, you will see all the great comments from other mamas.

After hundreds of mamas going through the program, I’ve also added more and more information and recipes as I see a need. I’ve asked for tips and details on making it better, which I’ve immediately implemented. I will continue to do this to keep it current and as helpful as possible! I recently just added super quick breakfast ideas and crock pot recipes to make sure the busy school and holiday season don’t take over.

Please don’t hesitate to email me at if you have questions. I am here to help and let you know if the program is a good fit for you! Also, if you are just looking for workouts, I LOVE LOVE this app. I literally listen to it at least 5 days a week for workouts and runs, and they have a complete postnatal workout section to get you started on working out again after baby.

Keeping both you and your baby healthy while breastfeeding requires a proper meal plan, effort, and guidance. Your step-by-step program to losing weight safely is waiting. 

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    Hi, I want to loose postpartum weight iam lactating mother

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