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5 safe and easy steps to lose weight by 6 weeks postpartum:

1. Focus on Healthy, Whole-Food Carbohydrates:

Replacing processed carbohydrates with whole-food, natural carbohydrates will help you make a lot of progress with your weight loss immediately. Some carbohydrates that are wonderful sources for healing postpartum, as well as milk supply include:

  • sweet potatoes
  • oatmeal
  • berries
  • quinoa
  • brown rice (in moderation)
  • nuts + seeds
  • beans

This is a simple list, but by focusing on what you like on this list, and filling up on these foods, you will be filling up on fiber and nutrients. This makes you feel full…which really helps with breastfeeding hunger. Breastfeeding hunger comes from a greater need for nutrients, not necessarily calories.

Your body is burning slightly more calories, but it really needs nutrients. Simply replacing processed carbohydrates with carbohydrates from my list above will keep your blood sugar stable, help you feel full on fewer calories, and provide you with more nutrients.

2. Start Your Day With Protein Shakes:

This is my Favorite Pregnancy and Postpartum Protein Shake!

This was not on the market during my last pregnancy, but it is a great clean, plant-based protein powder. The formula itself isn’t that big. It doesn’t have specific blends and additional nutrients like Bump Dust, but you do have a good, clean protein source. It offers 20 grams o protein per serving, which is a great amount.

The source is organic peas, which is the best plant-based source due to peas having all the essential amino acids. This is a great, basic protein powder. It doesn’t offer the additional superfoods that some others do, but it is a pure and simple choice.

3. Eliminate Dairy For A Short Time:

You may not like the idea of eliminating dairy, but it can be a SUPER helpful and easy step that will result in some fast weight loss after a baby. Dairy products like milk, cream, half and half, yogurt, and cottage cheese are often reported as great sources of lean protein. If you look at these products purely for protein, then yes, they do have a good amount of protein per serving.

BUT, dairy causes more of an insulin spike than many realize, and it promotes GROWTH in muscle mass and fat. Dairy has hormones in it naturally to help baby cows grow big. Bigger in all ways.

As a new mommy, you don’t want to grow big, you want to encourage your body to maintain some muscle mass and use fat. If you are breastfeeding, then dairy can be detrimental to your sugar cravings by causing more sugar cravings. The reason it can do this is because of the insulin spikes it causes. I suggest simply eliminating dairy when wanting to lose weight, then slowly introducing it back in once you are at your goal weight.

It doesn’t have to be a lifelong decision to never drink milk, but a short-term decision to reach your goals, then moderate accordingly. If this sounds like something that will be easy to do, yay!

If not, you can replace your cheese with goat cheese, Parmesan cheese, or harder cheese to help keep the taste. And give nut milk and coconut milk a try for drinking or coffee creamers.

If eliminating together sounds difficult, just reduce the amount of dairy you consume in one day. Baby steps are actually super helpful, and I have a free, 5-day jump start program that really helps to set you up for success with weight loss.

4. Walk 45 Minutes A Day:

Walking 45 minutes a day is going to help tremendously with weight loss right after the baby. I highly encourage you to pack the baby up in a carrier or stroller and get your walking in. The great thing about walking is that you can do 15 minutes at a time, and add up to 45 minutes. That makes it really easy to accomplish.

If you have to walk around your house because of the weather, it still works! Most of the time, new babies will sleep in the stroller, giving mama plenty of time to walk peacefully. If your baby doesn’t like the stroller, 15 minutes at a time can be a great option to slowly adjust them to the stroller. Or, just wear them with a super comfortable carrier, this one is my favorite, and you can walk and walk.

Walking has many benefits to blood sugar, fat burning, and healing, and it won’t cause any major issues (in most women) post-birth. Of course, if you experience any pain, then skip this step. In general, walking is a great way to alleviate fatigue and headaches, reduce appetite and help you burn fat.

 If you grab the Ab Rehab program as well, you can heal your diastasis recti and shred the belly fat at the same time!

See what mamas who wanted to lose weight 6 weeks postpartum are saying! 

She has an amazing program for mamas!

My postpartum progress so far. Lots of early mornings, late nights & consistency to shake off the baby weight. Maile was born March 2020 and I started working out in June with @thepostpartumcure. She has an amazing program for mamas who are focused on healing their bodies and a graduated program with more intense moves…I started seeing the biggest changes once I dialied in on my nutrition, which is one of the tougher things for me…”

Loved Tonight’s Workout!

I purchased @thepostpartumcure with our first pregnancy and had anticipated using it, but put it on the backburner until we had a pregnancy that made it to the second trimester. Loved tonight’s workout! It also focuses on pelvic floor strengthening and diastasis recti! Love that!”
Tiffany Hefflinger | Twin Mama

I now weigh less than before I was pregnant!

Seriously a HUGE thank you to @milkdustprotein and @thepostpartumcure for teaching me what foods are nutrient dense and are good for my breastfeeding body. At 6 months postpartum I now weigh less than I did before I got pregnant with Pierce!”

Just grab it already!!

These are the exact steps I took to lose the weight postpartum by 6 weeks.

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